Phoenix Chorus in Lockdown - I don’t think so!!

Phoenix Chorus in Lockdown - I don’t think so!!
Type of post: Chorus News Item (Public site)
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Posted By: Phoenix Admin
Status: Current
Date Posted: Tue, 5 May 2020
Although present circumstances mean that Phoenix are unable to meet as a group in the same place, we are continuing to get together each Tuesday evening for a virtual rehearsal.  It’s great to see everyone’s smiling face and to take part in physical and vocal warm-ups from the comfort and safety of our own homes.  All our members look forward to the chance to learn new songs and re-visit old ones both in sections and in full chorus.  The fact that we can’t hear each other singing doesn’t dampen our enthusiasm at all and our emotive faces are getting a real work out!  We also have the opportunity to check in on everyone to make sure that we’re all OK - really the most important reason for meeting up - it’s our togetherness that keeps us all going through the isolation!

Of course, our MD, Lynda plays a kingpin role in any rehearsal, virtual or otherwise and her weekly positivity spot including our latest hatches, matches and dispatches gives us all a boost.  Directing the chorus when she can’t hear us is an almost impossible task that Lynda accepts with relish and she does make us smile when she’s trying!!  The ability to mute and unmute singers and talkers is a button that Lynda might like to keep even after lockdown is over!!!

None of the above could happen without our tech team who have done an amazing job ensuring that even the technophobes among us are equipped to join in our virtual rehearsals - thanks to all of them for their patience and understanding.

Really looking forward to seeing all our members and invited guests Tuesday be it virtually or in person - whenever that may be!

Lots of love